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Why You Should Use Our Testing Products

You are a vice president or a director or manager in an organization that needs to test ATA storage devices. About six months ago your "testing development group" gave you an estimate of six months to develop the "best test tools you have even seen". But now they are telling you they need another three software engineers and another six months. They promised you a "simple and easy to use" scripting language but so far they can't show you any documentation for the language and so far no actual test scripts have been created. Your product is starting to work and is about ready for some serious testing. Your development engineers are complaining daily that they have no test tools. Your testing lab is now many months behind schedule in their test script development.

So far this effort has cost your company $750K and estimates are it will require another $1M to complete the project minus many of the features that were originally promised.

Sound familar? Is this your story?

Did you know that for less than $3,000.00 you could have testing tools that would meet 90+% of all your testing needs for your entire site? These are tools that have been in development and use for 20+ years. These tools have been used world wide in the development and testing of many ATA and ATAPI devices (PATA and SATA). These tools are very stable and throughly debugged. And in the highly unlikely case that your find a bug it will be fixed within hours.

AHCDEMO will give you individual engineers a simple and easy to use tool for testing at their desk or lab bench. AHCDEMO has a scripting language that is a cross between BASIC and C - but it is powerful and easy to use. AHCDEMO scripts have been developed by many customers to perform everything from a simple test of one ATA command, or a full ATA feature set, to full regression tests.

AHCCMDT will give you one of the best tests available anywhere for your Engineering Design Verificaton Testing (EDVT) of HDD or SSD products. If your device will run ATACMDT for 24 hours without error then it will probably work with most systems. ATACMDT is very easy to setup and run on multiple systems.

AHCDEMO and ATACMDT use our AHCIDRVR low level ATA driver software. This low level driver code is in the public domain and has been used for over 10 years by developers needing the basics of an OS device driver or to make special purpose testing tools. AHCIDRVR is fully compliant with the ANSI/INCITS/T13 ATA/ATAPI standards. AHCIDRVR even has features for testing ATA host controller functionality.

Both AHCDEMO and ATACMDT have comprehensive error reporting and activity tracing functions. In many cases your engineers will not need a $100K interface bus analyzer to determine what went wrong when an ATA command fails.

So visit our Products page for more information. We have free/demo versions of our tests - try them. If you don't see a feature you need, contact us at the email address below.


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Page updated 15 Sep 2008.